Doing Away With Federal Screeners: Dulles and Baltimore-Washington International airports may bring back private screeners, sending federal security personnel from the Transportation Security Administration packing. The Post reports that while nothing has been settled, Dulles and BWI are considering taking advantage of a TSA program to bring private screeners back to approved airports.

Taxi Strike Causes Blood to Boil: The sudden 12-hour taxi strike did what it was supposed to do, annoy people enough to show the combined power of D.C.’s powerful cabbie coalition. The W.Times reports that many people at Union Station waited up to 30 minutes to catch some of the few cabs that were taking passengers.

“I’m extremely aggravated,” said Sandra Edelman, a lawyer from New York City who was on her way to argue a case in court yesterday afternoon. “You want to assume transportation operations are reliable and you can depend on them. If you can’t depend on them, then you won’t take them in the future.”

Welcome to Washington, Ms. Edelman.

Cabbies are irate over proposed mayoral legislation that would do away with the decades-old taxicab commission, putting the cabbie-cherished meterless-fare zone system in jeopardy. In its place would be a District Department of Transportation-controlled agency overseeing all for-hire car services.

The Post notes that Councilmember Carol Schwartz said that the legislation doesn’t say anything about getting rid of the fare-zone system, which is what cabbies want preserved. And cabbies, always with good manners in mind, sat outside hotels and refused to pick up passengers, just to reinforce their message. Traffic was lighter on the roads yesterday.

Columbia Road Fake ID Peddlers Raided: The busy sidewalks of Columbia Road near 17th Street were the scene of a federal agents in Operation Card Shark hauling black market fake IDs entrepreneurs off to jail. The Post reports that Operation Card Shark was led by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers with help from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. There were also arrests in Prince George’s County.

Fakeid™ com Tools Android App Free For Download Apkpure Apk This particular strip in Adams Morgan has been raided in the past, where $20 Social Security cards and $80 residency permits have been sold openly.

Speaking of IDs … The AP, via WTOP, is reporting that Amtrak will start to Ufc Videos Rumors Fights News Results Mma Mania gn5qwF through the holiday season in an effort to prevent terrorist attacks.

Cropp Schedules Nov. 30 Stadium Vote: When the D.C. Council returns from Thanksgiving, it may settle the baseball stadium financing drama that has been dragging out over the past few weeks. The Post reports that Council Chairman Linda Cropp is set to support the mayor’s controversial funding legislation, as long as there is an amendment leaving an option for private financing.

Briefly Noted:
Virginia governor will improve commonwealth transportation without gas tax hike … Maryland’s Intercounty Connector now officially on long-range transportation plans … Silver Spring woman convicted of having slave, going to jail for 25 years … Slatkin will leave National Symphony Orchestra in 2008 …

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